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Peeled Cacao Beans 

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Note that the 2nd page is the best list on the web of the 'Benefits and Uses of Our Cacao'... and we add new ones regularly!

We have a new cacao sales website up and running... shipping from this website all over the world:


Please note you can buy cacao at Keith’s workshop in San Marcos la Laguna, Guatemala, limit 10 pounds per visit to the lake at the local price... as a thank-you for visiting us.

This is the cacao information site of the ‘Chocolate Shaman’ – for using cacao/ chocolate as a facilitator for workplace, fun place, spiritual, and shamanic purposes. I'm a processing intuitive and teacher guided by the Cacao Spirit into this understanding: Sacred Cacao is one of this planet’s major medicine-plant partners and facilitators, overlooked because it is not a psychedelic. 

Welcome to a different understanding of chocolate.  Original Ceremonial Chocolate.  Perhaps you have gone repeatedly to chocolate for something... that deep within... you Know is supposed to be there - in these pages I wish to resolve that on an individual and ceremonial level… and to provide the chocolate itself!

“…it was PHENOMENAL! I was able to journey deeper, with powerful insights, clarity and stamina for the entire day.”  …getting to know ceremonial cacao

An Indigenous myth tells us whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, cacao comes from the rain-forest to open people's hearts and return the planet to harmony.  In one of my early communications with the Cacao Spirit, She referred to cacao as "The Food for the Shift"

An Introduction from Keith

Now… please understand… I am not talking ordinary processed or even much organic chocolate here.  And I am not offering more ‘raw’ cacao praises. Ceremonial grade cacao is cacao or chocolate that has the quantity and balance of compounds and energies to properly support the Cacao Spirit, or any other energy, including your own creativity, in partnering with you.

When I received my cacao I knew right away that this would be different from any cacao I’ve ever purchased. The SCENT.  It was intoxicating!  I immediately pulled the remaining bit of powdered/organic cacao I have in my superfood cupboard to compare the two.  No contest.  The cacao from Keith had the richest, most delightful fragrance.  I couldn’t wait to use it.  Slicing off an ounce of cacao was easy, and within moments I had whipped up a simple hot beverage.  The flavor, and the purity of that flavor was incredible!  With nothing but hot water + a dollop of coconut cream – it was delicious.  As I sipped the cacao, almost immediately I felt something shifting in my upper body.  My neck and shoulders were settling, and my mind was clearing.  The next morning I started my day with another cacao drink.  Again, my brain fog – a fog that had all but stopped my ability to think, read, and create – LIFTED.  I could almost feel this internal dust clearing, and my mind opening.  Honestly, it was hard to believe.  But day after day of using this cacao product, I can feel the changes.  My mindset, mood and energy are elevated.  It has become an integral part of my healing + self-care routine, and I am so beyond thankful to have found it!  - From a client of one of our practitioners 

Since we began the ceremonial cacao movement, we now have over 30 competitors all calling their cacao "ceremonial".  Sometimes it is, although [by our own independent lab tests] in a lower strength... or with a poor taste.  Occasionally it is truly awful!  Mostly it has lots of caffeine and less of the active compounds of true ceremonial grade... and an inconsistency from batch to batch.  We have been sending it to a lab for testing as well as trying it.  Have fun... try it all... injoy!

“She was so keen to find out more about your Cacao, that I cut her some off one of my blocks, and a week later, she journeyed with it in a … workshop she attended and wrote back telling me how profound her journeying had been and how incomparable it was to the Cacao powder she had used until now in her morning smoothies!”  …hearing comments like this often

This site is to share my Chocolate Shaman understanding of:

•Cacao as a multidimensional partner and facilitator for creative, spiritual, or ceremonial purposes… artistic, creative, work focus, new age, or shamanic.  Chocolate brings the door but doesn’t push you through it. 

•How to use the Food for the Shift for your creativity, productive workplace focus (solo or team), all day trekking or all-night dancing, yoga, meditation, processing, emotional release, journeying, deeper partnered connecting, therapy, group facilitation, sound healing, kirtan, coaching, team building, or cacao ceremony, etc.  Truly helpful... a major facilitator from inner change and play - to outer creativity and productivity - with a heart-centered focus. 

•The information needed to use cacao as the profound group facilitator it is with the work that you do.  If you wish that work to be heart-centered, whether spiritual or not, try ceremonial grade cacao.

•Understanding the various perspectives out there on cacao, particularly the radically differing ideas among the raw folks.

•Understanding today’s cacao market so you know what to look for even if you are not using my ceremonial cacao.

•A little information beyond the medical headlines, and the links so you may decide for yourself about medical cacao as a daily food.

This website is for sharing what i have learned so you won't have to go through the learning curve that i did... traveling for years from southern Mexico to Panama, buying cacao in markets, visiting growers and indigenous peoples, finding chocolate factories… all the while communicating with and being guided by the Cacao Spirit while educating myself on the web with everything from commodities markets to fair trade to industrial chocolate production... and reading dozens of medical journal papers on cacao.  It's all here... injoy!

May you find this information useful for anyone’s cacao. ...Although you may also find, as we hear all the time, that the best of the 'raw' folk’s cacao is disappointing for spiritual or focused work in comparison, and being (usually) from hybridized beans, contains enough caffeine to make it too 'buzzy' for a good focus, unless you normally consume a lot of caffeine.  Injoy.

"My father has always been very creative, both as a musician, writer and painter and now he is working on a children's story and loves the creative focus that cacao gives him."  -home from Guatemala with ceremonial cacao
Please see the next website page for the best list on the web of the 'Benefits and Uses of Our Cacao'.

To purchase our cacao, please go to our new e-commerce website:  https://keithscacao.com  blessings

My Story:

After using spiritual chocolate for several months under the direction of the Cacao Spirit, I offered some to a couple who had just had a private session.  Telling them about magical chocolate, they thought it was a joke.  I poured a moderate amount into a bottle and off they went.  Later they asked a friend of mine if I would have put some drug or something into it.

Overlooked, yes… one of the this planet's most significant entheogens/ medicine-plants, yes…  To those of you who know your connection with chocolate runs deep… this site is to share a very different dimension to that connection - a deeply spiritual or shamanic one.  Ceremonial Grade Cacao… experiencing chocolate as the magical partner it is.  The Cacao Spirit ‘returns’.

Hola, my name is Keith, and I live in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala, where over the years I became known as the Chocolate Shaman through a journey with the Cacao Spirit into the understanding and use of cacao/ chocolate for spiritual and shamanic purposes... with my teaching/ healing practice, with my personal inner work, and with others in their inner process and in cacao ceremony as a part of the ongoing planetary shift.  This is about sacred chocolate… about the Holy Bean.

To have the spiritual chocolate I wanted for cacao ceremony, I began processing it myself with instruction from the Cacao Spirit, using the cacao that She guided me to.  Within a few years I was buying cacao beans 400 pounds (180 kg) at a time.  It has been 15 tons (13,600 kg) this year.  We now ship ceremonial chocolate all over the world… see our sales website:

My personal orientation is toward the deep inner-work often called processing, shadow, pain body, or density work... where sacred cacao is a grand tho previously unrecognized facilitator.  Magic plant, delightful Spirit, great partner.

Those adept at meditation, processing, or journeying can, of course, do great work with or without sacred chocolate… many find delightful benefit.  Ceremonial cacao really shines with those relatively new to these depths, or who would benefit from some extra assistance where they are going.  Of considerable benefit to those facilitating others, individually or in groups... enough that this will change the therapeutic process, or the coaching process, for many... no hype... and particularly in non-mental / non-rational inner process. 

I have heard from many that reading spiritual books is a much deeper experience in understanding... and that depth is retained... with some cacao in the system (a full ceremonial dose is not needed).  The Food for the Shift.  I do not tend to be a horn-blower... get some spiritual chocolate and find out for yourself! 

These understandings are intended for those who are impulsed to follow an inner journey in partnership with cacao, and for those developing their own cacao usage in practice or ceremony with others.  Many use sacred chocolate as an assistant that is deep but gentle and in a very different way than a psychedelic.  Over the years i have met many... those never using drugs and those with extensive experience with the shamans of Indigenous psychedelic-using cultures... who have been amazed with the simplicity and depth of cacao.

“And you'd be proud!  …spirit guided me to hold my first mini-cacao ceremony ... We woke up early, prepared the Cacao as per your instructions on your website, and for the first time probably, I totally let go of any inhibitions or apprehension about ceremony and went full on.  I burned the Copal incense, drummed, called on the Cacao Spirit and the ancestors, spirit realm, guides and angels and set the intention for our journey. I truly wasn't sure what would happen, or whether I would know what to do and when, but I let it go, went in the flow, and remembered your words: Go to Glow! …Well.. it was an amazing experience! Both individuals got incredibly powerful messages and insights and understandings, and it has been ongoing since…”  …and it continues

Sacred Cacao was bypassed in the ‘60’s resurgence of medicine-plants because it does not act like a psychedelic – it does not take you on its trip, but facilitates your own.  There are Indigenous shamans in Central and South America who prefer cacao over psychedelics, but few have heard of them.  I am not here to speak for them.  I speak from my years of experience with cacao and cacao ceremonies since the Cacao Spirit began sharing and partnering with me in the metaphysical work that I do.  And I speak through sales of the cacao that She guides me to. 

So what do you want?  Do you want a leader who says, “I can take you to a really great place.”?  Or a partner who comes from a different Co-operation, Co-creation, and going With you?  Where you get the personal empowerment because you weren’t ‘taken’ or had it ‘done to you’ (empowering the doer)… and where you are doing your own movement within a beneficial partnership and building trust for expanding such relationships on many levels… “As within, so without”.  This is not the old doctor, old shaman, old psychedelic, old male, old age model.  Neither does it diminish that paradigm or those who have business there.  What do You want?

In the last few years, the Holy Bean has emerged and is becoming known for its medical benefits, as a ‘raw’ food, and with the ‘bean to bar’ chocolatiers, making chocolate much as it was made 200 years ago.  Here I discuss another emerging world: spiritual and ceremonial cacao as a connection and partnership facilitator with an open-heart centering.  The Food for the Shift.  
•An easy and deep creativity facilitator... we sell our cacao to many artists.
•A productive focus enhancer (the best one i know in, say, a corporate or workplace environment) that keeps you better connected to wherever you source your insight, inspiration, and intuition (unlike caffeine which gives only stimulation).  Coders, writers, stock brokers, think tankers, decision makers all tell me that their brain works like they always imagined it should.  
•A wonderfully deep connection partner in physical activity from long hours of dancing to creative snowboarding.
•A practice facilitator, from yoga to meditation.
•Ceremonial cacao takes breath-work to another level. ...kirtan to sound healing... all benefit.
•Therapy, coaching, or team building with individuals or groups, is easier and goes deeper... a beautiful cohesion emerges.
•An important ancient tool for journeying and shamanic use.
•A delightful facilitator for any group work .
•If you read a book... spiritual to technical... you will understand deeper and retain much more, with some cacao in your system.
•A major multidimensional partner in accelerated inner transformation and emotional release with greater ease and depth.
•The best dream and lucid dream facilitator around.  Really!... 8-10 gm taken in the middle of your sleep cycle when you awaken to pee. 
Perhaps this is not the chocolate you are familiar with. 

"The divine drink which builds up resistance and fights fatigue. A cup of this precious drink permits a man to walk for a whole day without food." ...Hernando Cortés, 1519  -just imagine walking through the hot tropical rain-forest with all that metal conquistador gear...

For more, The next page of this website is a list (best on the web) of the benefits and uses of real cacao.

A cacao ceremony for me is an experience in multidimensional group energy… I could tell you about my cacao ceremonies (every one is different), but that would not tell you about anyone else’s cacao ceremony, because Cacao works with you where you are, and with the ceremonial facilitator through where they are.  Cacao brings the door but doesn’t push you through it.

A note: cacao is more often the name of the plant or its product, and chocolate the name of the preparation that you eat or drink… often these terms are used interchangeably.  Especially cacao is used to refer to something that has not been through regular commercial processing – which still means little in terms of the active compounds it contains - but more about that later.

"I have been giving it to coworkers in my office and I have really seen a synchronization of our energies and have been able to make a heart connection in a place usually filled with low vibes and stress." ...introduced to Ceremonial Cacao

"The cacao is gentle, but potent, and uplifted our community significantly."  …in Costa Rica 

Over 15 years ago when i first began working with the Cacao Spirit, She told me that the time was coming when cacao would be in the world like coffee is now, replacing it in many ways, including the workplace... even Starbucks would have cacao with at least some of the energies that we are so familiar with.

Guatemala is one of the world’s major quality coffee producers.  A few years ago, every single coffee cafe in Antigua (Guatemala's touristy colonial city and former capital of Central America) has become coffee and cacao, and the chocolate is bigger than the coffee.  The little back-street places are just chocolate... where they used to be gourmet coffee.  This is the first city in the world to have this happen... San Cristobal de las Casas in Mexico is following.

Here it comes!

To purchase our cacao, please go to our new e-commerce website:  https://keithscacao.com  blessings

With thanks to Angela and Jonathan, there is a Facebook page called "The Cacao Tribe", that is a place to share about cacao.  https://www.facebook.com/CacaoTribe   Click 'like' to join.  

And for more of my writings, mostly on the shift / journey / your fun:  https://keithandbarbarasporch.com/


About My Work 

When not traveling internationally doing ceremonies and sessions, I teach in Guatemala at one of this planet’s energy centers, San Marcos la Laguna, Lake Atitlan.  I conduct a rather informal school for healers, empaths, lightworkers, teachers, creators, and manifestors that does not primarily teach techniques in such subjects… techniques that you yourself designed to remember rather than learn.  I share a do-it-yourself process of getting out of your own way so more of the magic you already are can wake up, be recognized, and play… without the drama, scripts, and stories that can so limit and color it.  As the energies continue to go up, the pain body will increasingly manifest:

“You stand at the threshold of a grand adventure. And the extent to which you are able to experience the fullness of that journey is determined by the extent to which you are able to let go of the scenarios that no longer serve you.”  Oneness through Rasha

“For those who hold on to the old patterns, there will be increasing pain, violence, confusion, and madness." Eckhart Tolle on relationships

These days I often see healing modalities awakening that are in no book or web page – they are too new.  So many others have the experience of hands tingling-hot-wet with healing energy that I generally mention this to the group so those who have never recognized the experience can validate the download of multidimensional potential being morphed by their heart center into a more-available form and streamed down the arms to be given through the hands as healing light.  We make use of this flow and extend it to using the heart center directly… all to assist in movement within self and others of dark shadow density or light shadow expansion.

My ceremonies/ classes (2-3 days a week… when I’m not traveling) provide an opportunity to put these remembered abilities into practice.  In the Chocolate Shaman’s school, the chocolate is optional – those who do not wish to use any drug for spiritual purposes do just fine.  For more information, see the 'My Ceremony Schedule and Visiting' page.

Many of the spiritual travelers here where I live experience that in the Lake Atitlan ‘vortex’ energy (as in any such place) their stories come up in an accelerated way.  Drama.  Some understand that no one goes wherever one would say we are headed in this shift… while carrying all their emotional and belief system baggage.  If you take such
unresolved inner issues into the welcoming state of more effortless manifestation, they more effortlessly manifest.  Therefore most folks are not going to want to step into the already available dream of light until they drop some of their 'pain body'.

I am working all over the world with people, especially artists, teachers, and healers, that are downloading and using a lot of light energies - and finding that everything expands... they polarize.  The good gets 'gooder' and the bad gets badder.    They are manifesting emotional train-wrecks, intense craziness, or baffling medical symptoms in the projected mirror called reality... as they are manifesting amazing healing in their clients or art in the world (tho the debility may allow only one client a week).  This will become increasingly common as healers and artists called to further open their abilities find it is imperative to get out of their own way by cleaning up their inner world. 

I could put up an entire website on this part of my present work... but first i need to get one up about empaths - those who are sponges for the emotional or energetic density of others or of the environment - it's their training in 'pain body' density as expert healers who will be deeply needed in the near future.  Beginning as children, millions of them, they painfully ate and continue to eat those energies as a profound education so that they may, and it is now time, find empowering and fulfilling ways (without internalizing) to continue separating density from individuals, groups, or the environment, however they have specialized.  We assist a lot of them here.  A documentary is in the works...  An empath website beginning draft is up on this site under the 'Empath Angels' page heading, in the sidebar.  We are, and we work with, a lot of trained 'sponges' here! Until then, if you are such a a sponge, check out  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faUPYGvO5R8

Peoples inner ‘density’ is increasingly coming ‘up’, because it must, because it’s time, and because you made this choice before you were born.  This process will continue to intensify over the next years.  Much of my work is with those who are actively moving their density in order to allow room for who they truly are to further awaken… and in order to understand the process by doing it so they may facilitate others through it.  Here, the Cacao Spirit offered partnership in reintroducing the Holy Bean as 'The Food for the Shift'.

You can feel and move your density internally through meditation or processing with assistance from higher energies, or you can objectify it in reality and feel it through trauma, drama, pain, struggle, suffering, chaos, and stories.  The later takes longer and is more painful.  Either way, the process is mandatory; how and when you do it is your choice.  Cacao can assist in the inner cooperation of connecting to that density, to Higher Self, to guidance, and to the divine light/love energy of transmutation and healing.  May we all finish skimming layers, learning non-attachment as we go, by repeatedly objectifying and cycling through our stuff!  Cacao can assist beautifully in whatever you wish to be more connected with!

A Cacao Ceremony at Diamante Verde Sanctuary, Costa Rica

Years ago, Cacao offered me this partnership… and I share the understanding from it with others.  I have been told by Indigenous shamans that i am the first non-Indigenous person to use cacao this way in 500 years.  I have become affectionately known as 'the chocolate shaman’, and as the ‘real Willy Wonka’… may you have as much fun!

You know, it is a circus out there on the new age banquet table... discrimination suggested.  For sure there are many out there who will help you with your inner-work when they haven't done their own.  People are welcome realize the amazing group facilitation potential of cacao and become instant chocolate shamans with their own cacao ceremonies… whatever… but please credit my writings when you use them!  Injoy!

 “Also, a lot of Finnish fairies here who have tried the cacao are now so much into it... :)” ...by email

To purchase our cacao, please go to our new e-commerce website:  https://keithscacao.com  blessings

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  1. Hi Keith, your posts are incredible. It turns out I have participated in two ceremonies here in Vancouver with your chocolate - outstanding, thank you. Can you let me know how I can order some of your chocolate paste now as I am fully convinced that I want and need this in my life on a more regular basis!

    Look forward to hearing from you