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The Glow Meditation

Healing Prayer, Visionary Art by Jan Betts

***A simple, delightful, and deep way of connecting with and utilizing higher energies… a tool to change your reality, inside and out... a meditation not done with the mind, or even the heart (there are a few heart-centered meditations). You do not ‘do’ this meditation… it does you.

“And don't get me started on going to glow.....  :-)  What an incredible tool.”  …glowing in the Mediterranean

“By harmonizing with the resonance of Divinity that unites the multidimensional aspects of your identity, you open the gateways of ascension.”  -A Journey to Oneness, by Rasha

“You can glow with an inexplicable radiance.  You never have to be the same again.”  -Lazaris

"'Go To Glow' is the ultimate life motto..."

A basic law of the universe (The Law of Attraction) is that "what you put out is what you get back".  The effortless flow of this Glow Meditation, especially as you spend more time in it, blesses the reality around you, and the whole planet, and it Will return to you... it must.  As you accept how true this is, this easy practice, or any way you bring in higher energies and bless this world, will change your life.

"The universe understands your readiness for higher consciousness by how much you bless others" - Matt Kahn

As you repeatedly fill with higher energies, your vibration, resonance, and frequency go up and you automatically align with higher vibrational futures.  This is one way to ascend... the other is by shifting into those preferable futures as described in our video "the Art of Ascension":  

***I usually begin my ceremonies with this meditation… significantly raising everyone’s resonance, vibration, frequency… so here are expanded details:

The Glow Meditation video

Close your eyes.  Relax.  You can let go.  All you serious meditators now sitting up straight… please sit anyway you want because this is not the kind of meditation you know.

Allow the smile in your heart to find you, and as it spreads, let yourself smile… or even grin.  If you have trouble grinning in meditation... get over it!

For those who still have trouble smiling… I will come around and tickle you.

***At this point, some individuals may still need a little assistance with their resist-dance… i suggest ‘fake it till you make it’… and smile – often that is enough.  Sometimes individual assistance is needed for those who know meditation is such serious business…

Notice… that as you smile, you are radiating energy.  Gently glowing.  Feel it!

Notice… that this radiance is not a draining, leaking, or loss of energy, it is an effortless overflowing.

Notice… that even your toes are radiating light.

This allows you to realize that every cell in your body is overflowing this light… gently glowing.  Some may notice that the layers of the aura, the etheric body, are also glowing.  You may have heard that you are a luminous being… and here you are.

The basic meditation technique is to simply bask in the glow… to sun yourself on the beach of divine light, fill with that light, and effortlessly overflow.  It takes only a second or two to fill, and then from your overflowing cup... your consciousness... out into the world it goes!

Question one… is this light coming from who you really are?  Feel it!

Question two… is this light coming from Source?  From Oneness, God-Goddess, creation, from Supreme Being, from Great Spirit… whatever you call it.

So… is this you?  Yes.  Is this source?  Yes.  This radiant overflowing comes from the place where you are One… one with Source… one with All.  Already in Oneness... the flow of your own being.

Call it the multidimensional self, light body, fourth and fifth dimensional self, soul self, divine self… but your… self.  It is the multidimensional being of light you are that chose to express itself through this human body... the human we are pretending to be. 

Through this every-cell oneness metaphor, your expanded reality, your divine light and potential, now fills your body and overflows with effortless radiance into this reality, joining your expanded reality... through all of you... with everything. 

“By harmonizing with the resonance of Divinity that unites the multidimensional aspects of your identity, you open the gateways of ascension.”  A Journey to Oneness, by Rasha

You may understand that many higher beings teach that such light gently gifted through us - is how this reality will change.

You can use this divine light to raise your resonance, your vibrational level… to recharge, center yourself, re-balance, ground… or give it in any healing or manifesting way.  It flows with your intent.  If you overflow often, your cup - your consciousness - will expand.  Oh yes!  

If you understand, as many higher beings say, that healing is access, rather than doing anything... then 'holding space' with this energetic overflow is a conduit for the frequencies, new beliefs, seeds for future sprouting, and whatever is needed to change what is supporting the choices you or someone is making.

You can send this light anywhere… to any person, situation, or place in the world... or flood your idea, project, or business with it!  Do that now.  Many can feel this light form itself into a beam or a direction… and go where you direct it.  …In the past, to send such energy, mental devices to occupy the rational mind (so it felt it had something to do), and hold the energetic resonance, were helpful, as with Reiki.  They aren’t needed here as you are in a flow of feeling.  Observe as the creative flow of the universe… follows your intent… when you’re connected to this energy and give it direction, “The Goddess always says yes.  Always." (Lazaris)

I suggest that if you’re with someone who is in blame mode… complain mode… angry mode… dump mode…  …Go To Glow…  Takes about 1½ seconds…  And often the change in your resonance is enough to help another out of whatever loop they are cycling in.  If you are in any situation where the vibe could benefit from some adjustment… Go To Glow.  After all, since you create your own reality, changing your
resonance will alter that reality.  This tool does that.
“Was a quick 4 hour stopover... and if you can believe it (obviously..) karma brought me the same obnoxious immigration officer as the last time, when i almost got arrested myself! So i figured.. go-to-glow time.. it worked.. he actually managed to break a smile.. think it may almost have killed him....”  …living in a town with many international travelers, I hear this sort of thing often

Run this light with your Sweetheart… many can feel it… I have been told, “It’s like being with God”.  Sometimes I run it in a public place and others look around wondering… you can hold this resonance for hours.  I recommend it.  Carry it with you.  Or share it in Tantra and engage your partner from a higher resonance.  I recommend it when you awaken in the middle of the night... just radiate and bless until you return to sleep.  When you prepare food... the food will be saturated and those who partake will receive it.  Great when cleaning... spread the resonance.  Walking into town... radiate and share the blessing.  

Any creative activity done in this radiance - those who view, read, or experience your creation will receive the resonance carried by your work.  Redefine Art.  I have watched someone stand before the painting of an artist who paints this way... and they shake... from the painting's energetic gift.  A great way to contribute.

You may be familiar with teachers who say we are all here to be lanterns of light… or light anchors... so how else would you change this feedback called reality?  You may be familiar with teachers who say that receiving and providing ‘light nutrition’ will be of widely recognized importance in the near future... so one can keep pace with the increasing energies in this reality.  Ride the wave!

It is draining to give of your personal energies… ask many therapists and care-takers!… here giving is effortless overflowing... and you get to keep some for yourself, of course.  Go ahead... see if you can drain the universe dry...

In a free will dimension like ours, God-Goddess can not change anything if your energies are in the way… as that would violate our free will.  However, beings of light can come here, get bodies, get entire reincarnational existences… and when it’s time, bring this light… the creative light of Source… into this dimension.  Be a lantern of light… change a reality and have fun doing it!

‘Running Light’ in this way changes your resonance, and over time your consciousness will change.  Your often overflowing 'cup' will get bigger.  On a group level, mutually sharing this energy raises everyone to a higher place where their individual flow and journey together is integrated deeper and sweeter.  You may know of teachings that promote this group mutual resonance holding as assistance for expansion, such as The Celestine Prophesy (tho they may not help you to find the energy it is suggested you share…).  That’s right, this is high-vibe space holding!

“By shifting the energy you project onto even one seemingly inconsequential encounter, you shift the vibration you project onto the macrocosm of your world.  If each of you did that, in every instance where your own personal will butts heads with that of another, you would have world peace – and ultimately the Oneness – that each of you cries for throughout all creation.”  Oneness, through Rasha

Have you had enough of playing out your density… your issues and stories… through trauma, drama, pain, and struggle?  This light is a fine way to work with your inner business.  Fill with this light energy, or love if you experience it emotionally, and whatever is not in alignment with the light… and is at the top of Higher Self’s list… will come ‘up’.  Density that needs to be felt and transmuted or released… whatever needs to be opened… or what needs connecting to - will be presented to your awareness.  Trust and follow… an education in surrender and non-attachment.  Because you can’t take your density into wherever one would say we are going in this shift (it would manifest immediately!), that density is increasingly coming ‘up’… so using a multidimensional partnership with the light to assist in transmutation, produces accelerated liberation… and it’s more fun than stories…
"I too have sat many meditations (including 5 vipassana courses) over the last 17 years and find the glow meditation very effective as it is good at helping transmute the fear underneath the blocks" an email 

Filling with light, you may feel a tight, heavy, dense, dark, constricted, contracted place in your body… perhaps just painful enough for awareness.  Step back – let go of understanding it, of fixing it, of healing it... let go of judging it or judging yourself for having it.  Give yourself to this... let it have you rather than push it away.  Ask this light to show you what your own higher dimensional energies would do with your density.  No, you are not using the light as a divine ray-gun to zap it!  Make love not war.  Embrace not annihilate.  It is just asking for love and isn't going to stop asking until it gets it... you put it there to teach you more love.

I watch the people in ceremony going into yoga stretches to get rid of a body stiffness or pain... trying to get their inner teacher / Higher Self to shut-up and quit bothering them... we all have been trained to do this!  Instead you can give your body to your messenger... welcoming... and follow where it takes you.  Allow.  Often the pain will move letting you know it is non-physical... and an inner journey continues...  

Again, the density you so carefully put inside is there to teach you more of love… so it may not be leaving without being welcomed in that loving acceptance.  Stay in witness or observation mode.  Allow.  The density may be dematerialized in place, or leave flowing up or down.  Allow.  And the third step… Allow.  Then bring in the light to fill the lighter and open space when you feel that… the density transmuted-into-white-light and the higher energies you bring in, heal you.

Negative feelings that come up are to be trusted… dump that part of consensus reality that tells you to push negativity back down… go into them… learn why you put them there… let the knowing unfold… trust.  Receive the gifts at the bottom of it all.  If something needs opening or connecting with, allow by following the metaphorical breadcrumbs as you are led by your light.  Allow.

***We do this in the Cacao Ceremonies.  Whatever is next comes up – one blockage, one expansion at a time – it may take a week or much longer to love and accept it deeper... skimming off each layer of the pain body as it presents itself to you in perfect timing.  One can feel it to the bottom... transmute it with the invited light from the flow of the glow... bring in more light to fill the empty space... in seconds to minutes. 

***You carefully put that pain, that fear, that conditioning, that density… there for a reason - choosing just the right parents and childhood circumstances to lock it in.  To really ‘get it’ you needed to get lost in it for awhile… playing it out in different arenas (like parents, lovers, and business partners... your health, wealth, and creativity) gaining experience...  It is your work-with portion of the planetary distortion… a personal job in the Divine Plan (so you put it where you would keep running into it and not forget about it).  And you also need it now to remember something you already know… the art of density transmutation… and to learn to trust the light as a partner in that transmutation.  

***As you clean things up inside, you will understand and trust the process… This is your education in how to heal.  The time is here when that inside learning and trust can move outside in global, in environmentally polluted systems… and assisting the hearts of others who have chosen that. 

***In the future, we will have 1000's of people standing around a polluted lake… many on the internet… to transmute the pollution in that lake.  You learned it inside from making use of your issues and stories.  Go To Glow.  

The Glow Meditation is a tool with which to change your reality... to change circumstances around you.  People often come out of blame, complaining, dumping, or angry if you 'Go to Glow' around them. These quotes will give you an idea of the profound usage in this way: 

"Know that you are in command of your situation at all times. You are able to choose to step back, at will, from the heat of the moment, and make the conscious choice to shift the energy to one emanating from the place of heart-centeredness. When you are coming from that place, your circumstances reflect it. In shifting the energy you project into any moment or situation, you consciously shift the outcome to one that will give you a more advantageous result. By embodying this training, your life becomes one directed by intention rather than the unconscious reflection of happenstance. For you do create all of it. Know that." Oneness through Rasha

"When the circumstances deliver you to a state of being that you recognized to be unbalanced, take the opportunity to step back for a moment. Withdraw your energies and cease conscious interaction with all that surrounds you, all that is external to the Source of your own being. And allow your awareness to guide you to a place of stillness deep within. Become centered in the silence of that space. And breathe deeply, with conscious connectedness, through your heart center. Detach your awareness from the circumstances that have engaged you. And allow yourself to feel, in the sanctity of that stillness, the Light energy of unconditional Love as it fills you completely." Oneness through Rasha 

This is a flow of oneness… so out into the world it goes.  This meditation mixes well with many other practices.  This reality shifting resonance is joyously effortless… we are hard-wired for it!  There are numerous books out there, by higher beings, that say this is the way we will change this reality... as more and more people overflow with such higher energies, anchoring them into this reality.  You came here to be a light anchor - here is an effortless way to start.

If you have a radiant grin on your face… when even your toes are shining Light… when you Know this energy as both who you really are, and as the Light of Source Herself - a taste of Oneness - then you are certified to share this meditation with others.  Infectious fun.

If you experience this effortless overflowing energetically, it is light… if you experience it through the emotional body, it is love.  If you have moved enough of your ‘Deity Drama’ to allow, both in and out, larger energies as love, you can fall in love with Source, with God-Goddess-All-That-Is, again.  Yes, again… it may have been awhile.  How’s that for an immersive life-changing relationship adventure where all boths be one?

***I consider this meditation as being rather than doing… rather than doing this meditation... it does you.  Not about mind; not beyond mind; not just heart – with your whole being.  This is not something learned with the rational mind… do bring this mind along to watch - find out if abundant Light makes it easier to do your inner processing, slow the mind, open the heart, and allow more of whatever dings your dinger.

***I often wake up in it.  Being in The Glow is easy while walking, doing simple tasks, in conversation, or with many creative activities.  Effortless radiance is a delightful resonance, and it alters the reflection outside called reality.  The Glow helps keep you centered and conscious enough to more often choose the highest good when you present yourself with an opportunity to buy into your old density… to more often detach from the scripts we all know so well.  And to better remain energetically transparent (as opposed to protected, which is a prayer for attack - know you have 'protection' at higher levels).   

***I remember the front-piece of an old English cookbook that said: “Love is not only the most important ingredient, it is the only ingredient that really matters”.  Go To Glow in the kitchen… radiate while making your food creations.  Food soaks up love and light.  

Recommended for those working with plants or animals.

The Glow is a great ‘carrier wave’ for whatever you want to send out or invite in… for whatever you would have ride on this frequency.  Your partnership with Angels / Guides / God-Goddess rides easily on this frequency to assist.  I teach this work.

“Learned to do the glow meditation while i play [guitar]... makes such a difference.  i feel my heart flowing into my hands... well not exactly, but somehow connecting the joy of playing with the sound.  Doesn't feel routine... and i listen really well... doesn't feel technical, even when it's pretty advanced moves… and i'm as much audience as player.”  …Spirit expresses... with the music as a carrier for the higher energies... that are You... and those higher energies float out carried by whatever art you express through.

***Perhaps we could say it this way:  This flow is a way to connect with the Oneness energy for which Buddha and Hinduism are principle representatives.  I also share a meditation for partnering with the Cosmic Consciousness/ Christ/ Universal Love radiance with representatives in this dimension like Krishna, Jesus, and the Marys.  And one for Truth, represented by such as Taoism, Ganesha, and Archangel Michael, with his Sword of Truth to separate one from what is not true.

Here are 2 quotes to deepen understanding of the use of this Glow tool... 

"When one is Present, in the moment, in a state of heightened receptivity, one adds the essential ingredient to any spiritual practice."  Oneness through Rasha  

"You have connected with the timeless. You have opened to the possibility of transcending all that defines your existence – and the world that gives it definition and form. In embracing the inner glow of recognition of the kindredness of the most intangible connection of all, you take a quantum leap."  Oneness through Rasha

***Your chocolate shaman bows to you and sends you blessings!  Injoy, keith

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