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A favorite ‘friend’:  Many find the explanation by the organization puts them off, but go deeper.  The site has a public library with helpful articles.  For a great planet-assisting meditation, check out ‘Energy Visualizations’ in the ‘Excerpts from the Sirius Connection’ section, and for more background on such energies, the 'Crop Circles' article.  That Crop Circle article, from the 90's, is far better than anything i have seen since.

Emphatically recommended book: Oneness by Rasha…  (I don’t recommend her previous book.)  (Some good things on the site.)  This book has most everything but transmuting the density with the light.  Thoroughly covers the playing out of density… The text on density, and so much more.

All the artwork on this site is by my deep friend, Jan Betts:  Exceptional visionary art… spiritual art… Jan puts the magic light in her art where others can feel and receive it!  I highly recommend a visit to her site!

Brenda’s many months in cacao ceremony are (book length!) blogged in emotional detail from January 2011 onward… try a sample, or more... a healer moves through her heavy load without which she wouldn't have understood what she decided to know. Extensive understanding on inner child realities.  I am honored to be a part of it.

Check out Maya Nut Institute  for one of the cleanest and most needed rainforest and people saving environmental organizations around.  Cacao and Maya Nut grow together and synergise well in any cup or smoothie.

Cacao Links, copied from the Notes Bin section:

A good discussion of what removes the goodies from commercially processed chocolate and the effect of real cacao on the heart and cardiovascular system from the American Heart Association: 

You might like checking out this somewhat more approachable paper, also available on the above site:  This paper offers quantified research on the comments of the western-trained medical doctors in the Panamanian hospital system in the San Blas Islands Autonomous Territory.  Doctors who in 15 years had not seen a heart attack, strokes and other cardiovascular problems are almost unknown, cancer is low, diabetes (with overweight native American white flour and sugar eaters) is 39% of normal, and blood pressure is low even at advanced age and high-salt consumption... all this in a population that has double the old folks, as many Kuna’s work on the mainland and later in life retire back to the islands.  For more on medical cacao, see that section.

Going Deeper in What We Do

For more than just checking us out, we have some resources on the web for those who want to get up to speed with the sort of work we do.  Homework.  We don’t do the Shifting and Empath trainings as often as we used to do them… and this all is good preparation for those who want to go deeper in this work and get the most out of the time they spend here.  The empath training, on Sound Cloud, if you are a sponge for the densities of others, totally changes a lot of lives.  The Art of Ascension is stupid simple really advanced stuff… ha!   The Art of Ascension, English  Mp3 Trainings and Meditations  The Spiritual Relationship, page on this website, especially recommended   A collection of Keith's writings... from the porch If you are thinking of visiting us in Guatemala, another page of this website  Important if you are a sponge of others' density, Empath Training... will change your life.

To purchase our cacao, please go to our new e-commerce website:  blessings

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