Friday, November 23, 2012

International Cacao Sales

***2012 is when this page was first made... It is now 2019... we update this page regularly.  It is current!***

Dear Cacao Tribe...

The Guatemalan post office closed in August 2016 "for 2 weeks" and, as of March 2019, has not reopened, although they plan to.  We are now shipping from the USA, Belgium, and Australia through a new website: Finally!

You can order all over the world.  Those ordering larger amounts will want to check out our Practitioners Program.

“People are totally blown away by the quality and energetic life force in this cacao.”  …Comment a few days after delivery

Important Medical Information 

***Note #1:  Most anti-depressants and anti-psychotics... SSRI's... do NOT mix with the tryptophan and MAOI's (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors) in this cacao… Google your medication! – I have seen some very painful migraine headaches...  It does not seem to be a problem for low to moderate amounts... only high doses of SSRI's

***Note #2:  Any real cacao can easily kill dogs, cats, parrots, and horses, who genetically lack the enzyme that metabolically processes the theobromine in cacao.  If they get into enough yummies made from real chocolate, they will have a heart attack and die.  Cats can tolerate more than dogs per body weight, but can still be killed. 

***Note #3:  People with a heart condition, where a 20% increase in heart rate would be a medical emergency, should drink less of this cacao while they monitor its effect on their heart rate.  However, it does lower blood pressure (cacao is a vasodilator), if your pressure is high!  Many have told us it is not a problem with low blood pressure.

These notes are all true for any cacao having a significant amount of original compounds... thought few selling such cacao will tell you.

Texture and Look of our Cacao

We do not temper our cacao, a process that alternately heats and cools the chocolate to ‘crystallize’ it and prevent cacao butter separation.  After packaging, the cacao butter begins to separate in the blocks, first forming swirls or white rings (looks like it might be mold – it isn’t!) and eventually turning the entire block dusty grey and crumbly.  This is completely normal. The changing texture does not affect the ceremonial quality or the flavor of the cacao. 

How long do your cacao blocks stay fresh? 

We have used our ground blocks of cacao that were 3 years old and it was wonderful... still at full ceremonial strength, sometimes with a pleasant, slightly fermented flavor... but we consider that it easily keeps 2 years if kept dry, and longer if refrigerated or frozen.  (If refrigerated or frozen, allow it to warm completely to room temperature before you expose it to humid or wet conditions... unless you plan to use it all immediately.) 

To Germany, note that boxes larger than 6 kg are much more likely to cost you duty on your end.  Israel may have a 10 kilo shipping limit. Norway has a chocolate import tax.

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