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Empath Angels

We have a basic phone recording of a full empath training here:

I do a lot of work with Empaths, taking them through an empowerment process to do something besides eat or identify with the energies.  I am posting the information here as I work with it… basics without the details at this point.  On the way to a YouTube training.  This work helps many totally re-understand their lives.  Comments and suggestions invited.

We are fine with you looking at this issue however you want... 1 that empaths 'eat' or sponge up the density of others or planetary issues... 2 that empaths identify with these energies as their own... or 3 that empaths adjust their vibration / resonance / frequency to match the lower vibration they are working with.

The first website talking about a certain kind of people and their problems, and calling them Empaths, appeared about 2001.  By 2008 there were 6 or 7 such sites in a Google search.  Soon after that there were Empath sites with message boards and communities of people.  Today it's a bit harder to find such sites because the results in an ‘empath’ search are swamped with everything out there on a new topic of ‘empathy and sympathy’, a different subject.  To look at much of what’s on the web, I suggest this as a Google search string, exactly as is:  "empath" –sympathy  There are numerous empath videos on YouTube, most focused on protection.

In general Empaths are highly sensitive people who take into themselves the negative emotional energies others do not want to deal with, or take in negative energies from the environment.  Others would say it is a process of identifying with the energies more than actually taking them in... either way, the effect is the same and can be worked with however it is for you.  As you might expect it causes a lot of problems.  Most websites for Empaths are to help with those problems, fix the Empaths, or teach them how to protect themselves from such energies.

As a therapist I had such people as clients, identified them as a group and as one myself, and began working with them in a way that seemed to help. Over the years I gained a lot of insight and when I learned they were called Empaths and checked out the web, what I found seemed simplistic and missing the point.  I've been conducting trainings for Empaths for about 8 years, and in the last several years have often worked with groups of young spiritual types where more than half the participants raised their hands when asked who tended to regularly take the emotional density of others into themselves.  Every week I am told that what I share made sense of someone's entire life for the first time.  There were three of them yesterday. 

I believe the story of these people needs to be told.  But not in the protection oriented way common on the web.  There are millions of them.  A full understanding is not out there anywhere, so far as I know.  It's big.  It's got emotional appeal.  It's out-of-the-box of the consensus reality… but not as far out as it used to be… and at some point it will no longer be premature for a documentary.  And it's not so far out that you can't check it out for yourself.  Update: 4 videographers and a coordinator are involved.

EmpathAngels website

Home Page.

This is a site for Empaths – sponges who take inside emotional or environmental negativity.  This site, unlike most of the others, doesn’t say you are broken and offer to fix you.  That sponging has been the first part of your training, and this site is to help you with the next step.  This site is not about being empathetic and reading the emotions of others.  Every Empath site I have seen has a different perspective, so here is mine!  If you are not familiar with this Empath idea, perhaps begin with the ‘What is an Empath’ page below.

A little background:  Many branches of psychology accept that, for instance, adolescents tend to take on the emotional densities of their parents, act them out, and then get punished by those adults for the energies that the adults won’t own as belonging to them.  This is considered to be a fact.  What if those emotional energies actually left the adults, were taken in by the adolescents, and the buckets of tears or acting out was the way they cleared the internalized energies out of their system?  Many Empaths who have become aware of what they are doing… understand that this is exactly how it is.  

And a note:  Protection from the negative energies of others does not work.  This use of ones energy is a prayer that tells the universe this is the kind of fun you want to have, so reality throws more at you.  "Defense is a prayer for attack." -A Course in Miracles.  Mother Theresa is widely quoted that she would never attend an anti-war rally... but if you had one for peace, she'd be there.  She understood that to be anti-war is to suggest to existence that you want more war on the planet as your joy is in fighting against it.  "The best way to have more drugs [or terror] in a society, is to have a 'War On Drugs". -don't remember the channeled source.  

My work with empaths is to demonstrate to them that they are highly trained energy workers who got that training through eating the negativity of others (or the natural world) since they were children.  In a society without the shamans, nuns, monks, or witches to tell their parents that their children are going to have specialized training in the human and planetary pain body, and where the adults around them do not accept that such energy transference from one person to another is even possible, where is that training going to come from?  Someone who reads Eckhart Tolle understands that if the contents of the pain body are not released... “For those who hold on to the old patterns, there will be increasing pain, violence, confusion, and madness."  …Eckhart Tolle on relationships.  In a society where you are taught to deal with your pain body through having dramas... those pain body experts are going to be needed, s their training began as children. 

In this context, Empaths serve as an emotional release pathway for society.  An individual is relieved of their emotional charge, or a group or office is relieved of similar negativity (where those doing so are called ‘grounds’, because like a lightening rod, they conduct away the dense often emotional energies).  As you can imagine, most of those who do this work, generally unconsciously, have problems from it.  Of course, we are a bit ‘out-of-the-box’ here in terms of what is reasonable in the consensus reality, but there are many for whom these ideas resonate and are quite acceptable.  However new these concepts may be to you, they are not specifically the topic of this website.  If you are with me this far, the subject of this website is another step beyond such understandings…

If we focus on the absorbers of those densities, we might call it service, or dysfunction.  If we would focus on those who were relieved of the emotional burden, even if they later regenerated that burden… we would call it healing, or at least temporary symptomatic relief.  If an Empath is simply feeling, empathetically, the emotions of another… maybe it hurts… but this is nothing special.  If the emotions themselves are being energetically transferred, and the Empath has tears, depression, or acts-out because it hurts and because that behavior moves the energies out of them… that is advanced healing work, however unpleasant.  An Empath I know blogs:

"I used to listen for hours [to a friend] while she… unloaded her angry emotions onto me. When the conversation was over, she was all happy and bubbly, and it would take me days to recover – to let go of the emotions she dumped on me."

If this Empath was only feeling the emotions, her friend would not have ended up so happy and bubbly, and it would not have taken days to recover. 

Imagine this: a therapist is sitting with a client… the client is experiencing the release of negative emotions and related belief systems from within, so that they move toward the end of repeatedly living out those scenarios in their life.  The therapist is an Empath who no longer internalizes such energies, but knows exactly what to do with them.  Making the same connection through which they may have received a parent’s pain when they were 4 years old, density just as effortlessly flows from the client and is directed to transmutation at the levels of reality that the therapist is in partnership with.  As the client feels lighter, the flow reverses and the client fills the now empty spaces with something far more suitable, and also brings in the new belief systems, etc., through the same channel used to release the density.  All the while, the client is learning to do this for themselves.

The Empaths developed both this channel and their inner understanding of human emotional density, beginning in infancy or childhood, through receiving negativity from others or from their environment.  As an Empath myself, I have been assisting other Empaths to finish eating the densities of others and to use their talents in the way just described… and more… and have fun doing it. This website is to reach other Empaths in that same way.

Eating all that emotional and energetic garbage has prepared us to understand and work with negative energy release, at a time on the planet when that knowledge will be profoundly needed.  We have skills that will be welcomed by increasing numbers of people who find themselves in a process and an imperative to release what Eckhard Tolle calls the ‘pain body’… people who do not know how to get that density out of them.  We are trained in that how… we are some of the most highly skilled healers on the planet!  It’s ok if these ideas are a little new… give yourself the time.

Of course, you're not going to be much help if you continue eating it in the same way you studied it… so this site is about making that change.  About doing what you already do naturally… but in a way that is fun, powerful, fulfilling, effortless, and a huge blessing to others.  That blessing to others is the ‘angels’ part… Empath Angels.  Having experienced the pain of the human condition in this way, we have the inner authority to work with it.  We earned that authority!  We have no outer license from society… in fact they have made us wrong.  Our inner license will do just fine.

Most of us gave up a lot of our childhood, our adolescence, and our love life… to get that training.  It hurt.  We got no understanding or validation from anyone – especially from those, like parents, who didn't want to know their energies were causing us problems.  We chose this, millions of us, before we were born, knowing what would happen.  That's right, you cooperatively arranged the people who would train you with their negative energy, before you were born.  You are not a victim and there is nothing wrong with you!  Perhaps you have assumed that something this big in your life is outside of your Divine Plan?

Whatever part of the negativity on this planet you specialize in… Empaths, you've eaten it all.  You might suck it in from individuals, groups, public places, a disaster on television, or the environment… but suck it in you do, and trained you are… in the only way that training was available.  If the teachers had come (if there even were teachers when you were three-and-a-half or four years old) and told your parents that you were different and belonged with them for training, likely your parents would've called the police.  Empaths, you got your training in moving negative energies by eating them, and then by finding a way - often not pleasant - to get that density out of you so you had room to eat more.  There is more on this site about all of this.

Thank you.  That part of your training didn't come easy, but I know many Empaths who are glad they did it… and they know they will be deeply needed.

This website is to get you ready.  You have nothing more to learn by continuing to eat the emotional densities of others or those of the environment, whatever your specialty.  There are other ways to play with these energies – but without taking them inside.  Learning not to eat them will be a process.  It's time. 

As an Empath, I am here to share what I have learned through years of assisting hundreds of Empaths with this transformation.  To no longer do something with outside energies that makes your heart shut down and want to run away.  After all, we didn't go through all that pain and confusion for nothing.  After all, the time is coming when you have scheduled yourself to be sitting with someone who is ready to let go of some painful inner density, but who is too terrified to understand how… and you can know: "Ha… I ate worse than that when I was eight".  That is being in your power without fear, and assisting with the often-emotional energies that most people would rather die than look at.  Important life-saving job… fit for an ‘Angel’, yes?  Here we will help you to understand all about that job… it is uniquely different for each of us.

That part of your training is over… a new part begins.  You can learn to stop putting all that stuff inside, or stop protecting yourself from it.  Many Empaths make the shift from problem to power and are playing with their abilities in an hour or so.  Others find that the fear of being competent or different, the loss of the payoff from their disability, or having to give up the old habits… is a bit more than they are ready for… just now.  We will cover all this here. 

You have a PhD in every inner thing our culture teaches us to push down and deny.  A PhD in everything that, as the next years unfold, a planet full of people are going to be releasing as a part of the ‘shift’ we are all going through.  Doctors and psychologists only know to drug you if you have ‘stuff coming up’.  We, millions of us, are almost the only ones who will know how to help.  That's why you began training as an infant or child.  You will be needed.  You are ready for the fun part.  Further consumption of - or protection from - negative energies will not be required.  Doctors will be sending people to us.

Forgive me if I sound a bit New Agey… but we are all headed to a place where it will be easier to manifest what we want.  If we take our inner baggage there… it will also manifest easily, like it or not.  So those inner issues have to go.  And that will happen in a culture that teaches everyone to push inner negative stuff back down, where it then manifests outside in the world and is experienced as trauma, drama, pain, struggle, and suffering… so a planet full of such releasing, with so many in blame and projection about it, would not be a fun place to be!  There is another way to get that stuff out of people.  Empaths have been experiencing that way, beginning quite young and usually unconsciously, in order to one day help and show others that way.  Time for an adventure!  “Engage!”

Other than a few shamans and energy healers (certainly not the regular folks acceptable to other regular folks as helpers), we are among the few who know how to assist others to release these energies.  And you have been doing it for decades… that’s a lot of training and experience!  Very professional of you!  That’s why I said doctors will be sending people – not only the doctors are well-trained!  For decades we have been working at levels of healing far beyond what the culture even considers possible, so the only way that could happen, without blowing your cover, was if it was called dysfunction and you had little understanding or validation for what was really happening. 

That cover is blown!  It’s time.  Time to let go of the belief that there is something wrong with you.  Congratulations… one part of your training is over.  Empath Angels I’m talking to you.  It's time for more… time to learn who you are, time to be that you in the world.  It’s time to finish eating and deal with being powerful.  There will be enough time for everything.  At your own pace.  Go ahead; it’s ok to hide from it all for a few years... it will be right there, ready when you are.

What is an Empath?

I received this email after an Empath training I did in London in 2008.  Empaths are known for being ‘sensitive’, and there are many who can relate to this experience.  Many Empath’s are not this extreme… and some are more so!  English is not her first language. 

"Dear Keith. My name is Mxxxxxx. We met on King X, last thursday, in the back of the organic shop... I hope you remember me, because i would like to thank you, so much, from my all hart… I did not realy expect nothing to happend that day. I tought, we will just… talk. But the experience i had, during your medditation, was the strongest, and most important to me, i had in all my life.  I know i can share with you everything, because you will understand me. First i felt, like my eyes where in the stomach… I felt there a horrible, old pain.. I think my mum was there, and some others pains of peoples. That was making me cry."

"But i… "felt" Cxxx, when he was next to me. I mean, i felt what has to "go" from him, but i didnt want through me. I think, he dosent wanted this to go. He wanted to stick with his past, and his guestions, insted to let it go.. However, in next few days, i coudnt stop thinkind about him.. Non stop he was in my mind, all the time, also at the dreams..  Then on wensday, when i wake up at 6 in the morning, i felt big pain inside me.. He still on my mind, and the tears stared to relise. I coudnt stop it. On the train, i cry like water from the sink (all the ppl looked me..) also at work (so i had to hide myself on the shops corners, for customers, not to see me..) One hour breake, i spended crying on him.. And i know, it was his. Next day everything stopped, and C L xxx was gone from my mind." 

"I never had a clue, that there is something like EMPATH. i alweys tought, that im supre sensitive. And also this is what i was told by my parents, and teachers. When i was small, by all my life i suffer, crying on everything… I alweys been told, that i shoudnt be like this, and i have to be strong..  With the time i stop to cry so often< but insted everything, seats on my stomach. Ppl could "give" me any kind of bad energy, sometimes even no talking to me..  and i was eating there rubish. I felt i had no choise.. THey so easy can "put" any bad energy into me..  They just toxic me for years..  In everyday life, and also relation[ship]s. The frends at work called me SPONGE. and is no good to be like that. Is HORRIBLLE. this demage my life… But i dont know how to deal with othere peoples in the life.."

"It didnt happend yet since our… ceremony (even there were some situations it normaly should toxic me). I know you know.  I gonna be finishing now. Im so aprisade of everything what was happend. It meant everything to me."

How and when do Empaths get their skills? 

What do Empaths eat from others or their environment and how do they do it?

How do Empaths empty out the negativity so they have room to eat more?

What do Empaths learn in all that training?

Empath Transformation   So how does one finish with eating it? 

The magic channel as a 2-way street.

The connection with Truth   Or Archangel Michael in the Christian and Jewish traditions.

If you look into the mystical literature on Archangel Michael, you find he is the leader of God's Angels or God's Army, and he carries a big sword.  It is the sword of Truth, and you can ask Michael to use his sword to help cut you free from something in your life that you no longer want.  Empaths have this same sword of Truth, and we have all spent decades experiencing the use of it.  As I understand it, at this time on the planet, the number-one project of number-one Archangel Michael is Empaths.  You are not in this alone.  Michael, with that big sword, is said to lead God's armies... what if God's army is not about a war, but is instead about a patient loving cleanup?  Of people and a planet with a pain body.  What if your training is over?

If you are from another spiritual tradition, no doubt you have your own representative holding the Truth energy. Ganesha, the part elephant Hindu deity (the remover of obstacles), is the best known example.  Same energy as Michael and his cut-you-free sword.

Over the years I have worked with a number of Empaths who as part of their process found this sword within and began using it to cut away the density they had accumulated.  Look in your heart… you've probably hidden it through garbage protection services… no joke.  Healing your own density is for sure the best way to really understand healing the density of others.  And the best way to more deeply awaken to your own abilities and specialties.  Who you really are needs the room to play that is occupied by those densities… be they yours or those of others… so it has to go… one way or another.

Empaths in psychology. 


  1. I understand, and thank you deeply for focusing on this point. And thannk you for the depth and truth of the information you portray about the alchemy of Cacao and the delicate points of empaths; as I am one and always searching for information on how to be a lets say it a natural master of protecting myself.
    Great love and healing to you. I will be in tune with your forming website ~ Namaste ~

    with love and light

  2. It really spoke to me and I thank you, it helped me a lot this morning.

    Have a wonderful and meaningful life


  3. Very cool! Thank you for sharing! A big empathic hug!

  4. thank you, i enjoyed this part in ceremonies also but it brought much greater clarity of life purpose, and understanding of certain major situations/ validating certain personal realisations, and how to progress, getting to read it out again in black and white. Yeahy for Keith and lady cacao :) much love and light Jessamy

  5. Thank you so so much. I have a deep relationship with archangel Michael and the sword, that part resonated with me and kind of blew my mind . Wonderful article that has a unique spin unlike any other empath article I have read. Will be helpful to many I am sure. Hope to hear more from you. <3 + light

  6. I am really grateful that you have written this piece on empaths and I send you blessings in creating your website, we need more of this information on the net. I myself am an empath yet there are times I tend to forget this. I have this need to cleanse my environment too because I take on everything around me. I moved into a really old apartment the other day with piles of black dust all around. After cleaning for an hour and a half I felt tired, angry, irritable and had a fight with my partner. The next day I felt the same and completely lethargic. It wasn't until later that day that I passed a stool and felt amazing after that I realised I had forgot about the old, stale energy I tend to take on when I clean. My digestive system takes it in, literally I try to digest it, then become constipated as I forget I need to LET GO, but after I have a bowel movement the energy is released and I feel great. Thats how I process energies. I've been constipated daily from birth and surprise surprise the constipation dissipated when I stopped living with my parents. I developed scoliosis from carrying their "shit" as a child. Everytime I take on negativity from others it affects my back and my bowels.
    Something for empaths to remember, its not just from people we can take on negative energy... I had to stop volunteering in a charity shop a few years ago realising that all the energy from the second hand donated items was making me feel depressed.

    Many Blessings to all empaths <3